Navarro participated as a panelist in international event organized by MIKTA countries

Vancouver, BC. Canada, October 2019. CMX Partnerships director participated as a panelist in the event organized by MIKTA countries: Mexico, Indonesia, South Korea, Turkey and Australia. Panelists discussed about the role of the middle Power economies where our director was a panelist alongside experts and leaders in the field, namely, Stewart Beck, President at Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada, Leslie Armijo, SFU Professor and David Chatterson, Former Canadian Ambassador. The event was attended by scholars, experts in international relationships and counted with the distinguished presence of the consuls general of Mikta countries in Vancouver.

During his participation, Navarro pointed out that Mikta’s goals to bridge divides in the multilateral system and build consensus on challenging issues are meaningful. Navarro said that the value of Mikta lies not only in the diversity of their economies with a mutual interest based on a rules-based global order, but also in the strategic role that they play in their regions, including their active participation in international trade and free trade agreements. Navarro added that even though Mitka represents a small part of the global economy, Mitka members have demonstrated, individually, for several years, a dedicated commitment to open trade and business promotion. Now, they have the opportunity as a group to contribute to defusing trade tensions based on their solid presence through Regional Trade Agreements (RTAs).

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