Empowering Businesses: Canada’s Fruitful Expedition to Mexico 2024
 Empowering Businesses: Canada’s Fruitful Expedition to Mexico 2024

British Columbia, Canada. May 13, 2024.

At CMX Partnerships, we are proud to share with you the success of our recent Canadian Trade Mission to Mexico held in two vibrant regions: Mexico City and Nayarit state. From April 22 to April 29, our President, Juan Navarro was honoured to lead a Canadian Business Delegation aiming to explore and build trade and investment opportunities in Mexico.  We could not have made this initiative a resounding success without the support of many private and public organizations, helping us to spread the word and creating awareness of the potential for further driving business ties between Canada and Mexico. 

Below we have included a brief summary of the variety of business activities and events during our Mexico Trade Mission, where we were able to connect Canadian Delegates with around 1,000 business people, authorities and leaders. 

April 22: The Trade Mission began on April 22nd, with the Canadian delegation’s arrival in Nuevo Nayarit. The growing resort town, on the dazzling coast of Nayarit state, played host for the first two days of the mission, with the delegation staying at the state-of-the-art Vidanta Hotel. In Nayarit, the Trade Mission kicked off with a beachside Business Reception, complete with welcome speeches from authorities, traditional dancers, a live band and fruitful conversation between more than 50 business leaders attending. 

April 23: The following morning, the Canadian delegation sat down for a Business Breakfast, led by the Governor of Nayarit and interacted with around 100 businesspeople from Western states in Mexico. During the breakfast, people expressed their intention to explore business opportunities in the dynamic and innovative state of Nayarit. Following the meal, the Canada-Mexico Business Meeting or “Encuentro de Negocios Canadá – México,” as named in Spanish, began. Juan Navarro, President of CMX Partnerships opened the event with a welcome, followed by a keynote address from the governor of Nayarit, who presented his analysis of the opportunities that can be built between both countries. Next, the Canadian delegates each presented their company and their goals in Mexico to the 200 person audience, made up of leaders and businesspeople from around the country. To complete the business conference, two panels were presented, Talent & Innovation: Bases for Business Success in Nayarit and Investing in Nayarit, Success Stories of Mexican Businesses. Following the culmination of events in Nayarit, the delegation caught a short flight to the capital, Mexico City.

April 24 and April 25: The first two days in Mexico City saw the Canadian delegation take part in the 2024 Mexico Business Forum as special guests. This prestigious conference brought together over 700 participants from a range of sectors, including AI, cybersecurity, e-commerce and digital industries. The delegates engaged not only in presentations and panel discussions, but also in plentiful networking opportunities with Mexican entrepreneurs, executives and experts who provided excellent advice to Canadian Delegates about how to succeed doing business in Mexico. During the afternoon of April 25, the Canadian Delegation enjoyed a cultural tour in the historic centre of Mexico City where they had the opportunity to visit the beautiful Palace of Bellas Artes, the Cathedral, walk around the Zócalo (main plaza), and sit down for a delightful dinner, complete with impressive views of the Zócalo.

April 26: On the final day in Mexico City, April 26th, the Canadian Delegation began with a breakfast meeting hosted by the National College of Independent Professional Business Advisors (CNCPIE, by its acronym in Spanish), where more than 50 business leaders representing important Mexican companies were present. During this gathering, the Minister of Economic Development of Mexico City presented his analyses regarding the business opportunities between both countries, and the Canadian Delegation, once again, took an opportunity to present their businesses. After this activity, we at CMX Partnerships hosted our flagship event: The Canada-Mexico Business Dialogue. This Dialogue was attended by over 100 people, including the Canadian delegates, Mexican businesspeople and authorities, Canadian representatives from Export Development Canada (EDC), the Trade Commissioner Service (TCS), the Canadian Embassy in Mexico, offices representing trade and investments from other Canadian provinces, and entrepreneurs already doing business between the two countries. The luncheon event consisted of dynamic presentations from the TCS, CanCham Mexico, the Mexican Business Council of Foreign Trade, Investment and Technology, and the National Chamber of the Processing Industry, among other important leaders in the Canada-Mexico relationship.

While the Trade Mission wrapped up for most of the Canadian delegates on Friday night, for Anita Huberman, President & CEO of the Surrey Board of Trade, it was only just beginning. The following day, she joined our Director, Juan Navarro, as they travelled together back to the State of Nayarit. Over the next three days, Anita Huberman and the Surrey Board of Trade spent time touring around the state, engaging in high-level meetings with business and industry leaders, and government officials. The SBOT President & CEO gained an in-depth knowledge of the state, its opportunities for growth and investment, and its many infrastructure projects, from the international airport and ports, to education, transportation and water resources.

You can find a video below with some of the Canadian delegate’s testimonials regarding the opportunities that can be built between Canada and Mexico.

We want to express our gratitude to all strategic partners and sponsors for their continued support of CMX Partnerships and our unique initiatives. Our goal remains the same: to drive business success and economic growth through the promotion of collaboration and investment from Canada to Mexico and beyond. You can find a recap video below.

The next Trade Mission will be held in British Columbia, Canada, from September 9 to 13. Mexican and Canadian organizations interested in participating in this bilateral initiative, either as participants or sponsors, please reach out to trademission@cmxpartnerships.com.

We look forward to further promoting business collaboration between companies and governments from Canada to the world.

The CMX Partnerships team

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