Introducing the Mexican Business Delegation attending the Trade Mission to Canada

Introducing the Mexican Delegation attending the Trade Mission to Canada

British Columbia. September 22th. — CMX Partnerships is delighted to introduce the distinguished Mexican companies that will be part of the upcoming Mexican Trade Mission to Canada. These industry leaders represent Mexico’s vibrant and diverse business landscape, showcasing innovation, quality, and a commitment to international cooperation.

The Mexican delegation comprises a group of forward-thinking enterprises, each contributing a unique perspective and expertise to the mission. Their participation underscores Mexico’s robust interest in nurturing cross-border partnerships and exploring new opportunities within the Canadian market. The list of Mexican companies, along with their respective sectors and company profiles, can be found below.

  • MCM Telecom –   Telecommunications Services
  • Servicios Integrales Portenta SA de CV –  Intelligent Systems for Transportation (ITS) and Energy Monitoring
  • Practica Medica efectiva –Healthcare Technology
  • Adagio Informatica Integral SCHuman Capital Management system
  • 2 Bros Ventures, S de RL de CV  – Manufacturing (Shelter Services & operations)
  • Lehira Grupo Maderero – Timber sector
  • Miramar Group – Investment and business consultancy firm 

The Mexican Trade Mission to Canada, organized by CMX Partnerships with the invaluable support of leading organizations, will bring together a diverse group of leading companies from Mexico and Canada. This mission aims to facilitate networking, knowledge exchange, and partnership building, enabling businesses to explore new business partnerships and expand their global reach.

Key Details:

  • Dates: October 2 to October 6, 2023
  • Location: British Columbia, Canada

CMX Partnerships has meticulously curated a dynamic program for this mission with the support of leading Canadian organizations. This program encompasses a wide range of activities, including business-to-business meetings, attendance at activities of the Signals event, insightful panel discussions, engaging meetings with prominent authorities and entrepreneurs, and the highly anticipated flagship event, the Canada-Mexico Dialogue.

If you would like to schedule a business to business meeting (B2B) with the Mexican Delegation, please reach out to Cleveland Henning, business development coordinator at CMX Partnerships at

About CMX Partnerships

CMX Partnerships is a leading international business development firm specializing in creating strategic partnerships and fostering cross-border collaborations. With a proven track record of connecting businesses from different corners of the world, CMX Partnerships is dedicated to promoting economic growth and enhancing global relationships.

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“As we prepare for this exciting international event, let us take a moment to recognize and welcome the Mexican companies that will be at the forefront of driving economic growth and collaboration during the trade mission. Their presence underscores the importance of international trade and cooperation in today’s global economy. We are proud to present the distinguished roster of Mexican companies that will be taking part in the upcoming trade mission to British Columbia, Canada, organized by our organization with the invaluable support of leading organizations from both countries.” Mr. Juan Navarro, Director at CMX Partnerships.

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