Welcome to CMX Partnerships!

We are a company specializing in building collaboration, synergies and partnerships between overall institutions from private and public sectors. We have been promoting successfully collaborations between Canadian and Mexican institutions in sectors such as education, business, innovation, technology and others of the knowledge economy. As well we conduct researches and we offer talks for research centres, industry associations, universities and leading instiutions about strategic themes such as International Trade, Free Trade Agreements and overall business. 

We have been creating opportunities, initiatives and events between organizations of Canada and Mexico because we know well enough about the talent, the programs, the procedures and the potential to collaborate that exist in both sides. We work together with institutions from private and public sectors from both nations.

Whether you are a private or public institution which needs a partner, supplier, client or counterpart from Canada to Mexico or backwards, we can find this for you. Thus if you are interested to develop operations, researches, events, trade missions, trainning programs or any kind of initiative to grow your organization, please just let us know.

Our mission is building capacity together in benefit of your institution and society.