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Thank you to all the attendees and participants of the Canada-Mexico webinar

On behalf of CMX Partnerships, we want to extend our sincerest gratitude for joining us on March 24th for our Canada-Mexico Webinar. We are thrilled to have brought together a distinguished group of speakers and attendees including businesspeople, authorities and private and public sector leaders from Mexico and Canada to talk and reflect trade and investment opportunities between our two great countries. We want to thank all for joining us and participating in the webinar. Your engagement and enthusiasm made this event a success!

We have posted the recording of the different sessions in our YouTube channel here. We look forward to continuing to promote and facilitate fruitful dialogues and cooperation between Canada and Mexico in the future.

Thank you again for your participation and support!

The CMX Partnerships team

Biographies of Speakers and panelists can be read here

Our Commitment

En CMX Partnerships estamos comprometidos en apoyar a las empresas y organizaciones para que cumplan con su misión, alcancen sus metas, superen sus desafíos y capitalicen sus oportunidades. Para lograrlo, brindamos una amplia gama de servicios de consultoría e investigación que cubren una amplia variedad de sectores económicos, temas empresariales y áreas de políticas públicas. También promovemos alianzas estratégicas, promovemos y participamos en negociaciones de acuerdos de colaboración, organizamos misiones comerciales y eventos empresariales y desarrollamos diferentes iniciativas en el sector educativo. Contamos con la capacidad, el conocimiento y la experiencia para desarrollar proyectos a la medida de acuerdo con sus necesidades.

CMX Partnerships is a results-oriented firm that works with both public and private sectors from Canada, Mexico and across the Asia Pacific region to deliver effective, innovative and high-quality solutions that address the complex challenges produced by the global and digital economies. We have more than a decade of experience promoting business, economic development, international trade and investments, conducting research studies on business and public policy issues, supporting and developing educational initiatives, and building opportunities in benefit of our clients, partners and, overall, society.

Somos una empresa que nos apasiona crear oportunidades, sinergias y colaboraciones entre instituciones y empresas a nivel global.
Quedamos a sus órdenes, será un placer establecer una asociación fructífera y de largo plazo con usted y su institución.

Our most heartfelt thanks

British Columbia, Canada. October 31, 2022. We want to thank all the Canadian and Mexican businesspeople, leaders and authorities who supported and participated in our Trade Mission Event held in British Columbia from Oct 24 to Oct 29. Thank you also to strategic partners, sponsors, community leaders and the amazing Mexican community and businesspeople in BC who gave us the support needed to make this a reality. 

We invite you to watch the video below which summarizes some moments of the Trade Mission initiative. This high-profile project had the aim of promoting business connections and fostering business opportunities to the benefit of Mexican and Canadian companies.
We look forward to  seeing you in the next edition of this event.

You can read more about the trade mission 2022 here